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Subliminal Cut (Coke Cola) - Jef Lee Johnson - St. Somebody (CD)

9 thoughts on “ Subliminal Cut (Coke Cola) - Jef Lee Johnson - St. Somebody (CD)

  1. Jef Lee Johnson: St. Somebody album review by Phil DiPietro, published on September 1, Genovieve, 6) waters of light, 7) subliminal cut (coke cola) 8) St. Somebody 9)"snapshots of your dreamthing, 10) For Pete's Sake 11) always here 12) the day the stars fell from the sky and burned the world 13) ism ism, 14)promise of lovevolution
  2. Coca Cola often uses subliminal messages in their ads. They want to associate the Coca Cola brand with positive emotions people have when they are thinking about sex, which this Coke vending machine design suggests for example.. For example you can see the video in which it shows a few Coca Cola ads that obviously show subliminal imagery that alludes to sex and even drugs (is it a wonder, as.
  3. Dec 04,  · The last subliminal message from Cocacola spot;) R.I.P. John Moore #NewSUBLIMINALCocaColaCommercialSantaClausIlluminati.
  4. Here is the brand new video which shows a collection of all of the main coca cola subliminal messages from across the years. This includes images of naked women represented in the artwork and in the ice – cleverly disguised, hidden faces and links to cocaine and drugs, some very sneaky product placement in the hit movie “Lord of the Rings”, and several other subliminal suggestions.
  5. Mar 13,  · (this video was not professionally done lol so sorry for the shaking with the camera) basically Coca-Cola shows a commercial aimed towards teens and kids with illuminati subliminal .
  6. Jan 31,  · Coca-Cola Subliminal Message Look very closely at the two photos of the top of a Coca Cola cans & tell me what you can see, in regards to the top of the cans showing you something with the ice creating the image on the top of the two cans? Posted by Spreading Meaningful Truth at.
  7. Apr 09,  · A subliminal message in the classic coca cola logo! you will be supprised! this is not a screamer! i hate those!% genuine.
  8. Mar 23,  · Coke-Cocaine Picture Coca-Cola has been reportedly controversial in their advertising, using subliminal messages that involve cocaine and sex. Highlighted in the above picture is an upturned can of Coke that appears to have 2 people sniffing a straw of cocaine. Coke used to contain cocaine. That is no secret. Could that have something to do.

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